CAMEX (Asociación Consejería Oxlajuj Ix para Centroamérica y México)



Asociación Consejería Oxlajuj Ix para Centroamérica y México, also known as CAMEX, is an international cooperation organization based in Latin America that promotes human rights and social justice in the region. It is Inter Pares’ primary operational counterpart in Central America.

It works for the promotion and defence of human rights, and to support the capacity of local Central American organizations to respond to the needs of uprooted and other populations affected by political violence. CAMEX builds its work on a legacy of over thirty years of experience working in conflict and post-conflict situations. CAMEX’s programs emphasize the capacities and leadership of women.

CAMEX's cross-cutting themes are gender and human rights. CAMEX and Inter Pares support Latin Americans' efforts to share the lessons they've learned, to contribute to new responses to ongoing conflict, and to create more participatory and democratic forms of governance.

CAMEX is building on the work of its predecessor, Project Counselling Service (PCS), which closed its doors in December 2016.