Inter Pares’ social justice work is an expression of values shared by many Canadians – of one standard of dignity and equality for all, of international cooperation, and of solidarity. Thousands of Canadians express these values through financial contributions to Inter Pares. Without this support, our work would not be possible.

We honor the memory of those who generously left a legacy gift to Inter Pares in their will in 2015:

Estate of Marion J. Armstrong

Estate of Thérèse D’Amour

Estate of Carroll Jane Holland

Estate of Mona Mary Johns

Estate of Audrey Mary Kerr

Estate of Neil G. Macphee


We honour the people whose loved ones made a gift in their memory in 2015:

Maribel Gonzales

Audrey M. Zilliacus

Peter Gillespie

Roxana Ng

Thelma Dobson

Tilt Kodar

Georgia Economides

Josef Rieger

Daya R. Varma

Susan McGill

Lucila E. Vera

Terry Donande


In addition to the generous support of thousands of individuals, Inter Pares is also grateful to our institutional donors and the many foundations, unions, company matching gifts programs, and religious communities that choose to accompany us. Grants were received from the following institutions in 2015:

B & B Hamilton Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation

Daly Foundation

Denise & Robert Gibelleau Foundation

Donner Canadian Foundation

DRM Foundation

Dunsky Energy Consulting – Phil Dunksy

Edith and Bernard Ennis Foundation

Elisabeth Fulda Orsten Family Fund

Filles de la Providence

Fleming Foundation

Foster Fund at the Community Foundation of Ottawa

Global Affairs Canada  (GAC)

Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

Howard C. Green Memorial Fund at the Vancouver Foundation

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Just Aid Foundation

Ken and Debbie Rubin Public Interest Advocacy Fund of the Community Foundation of Ottawa

L. H. Green Fund at the Vancouver Foundation

Laura L. Tiberti Charitable Foundation

Lannie Lewis Keller, Seed Fund of the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation

Manitoba Council of International Cooperation

McLean Smits Family Foundation

N.A. Taylor Foundation

Nancy’s Very Own Foundation

Orcutt Family Fund at the Vancouver Foundation

Pelzer Family Fund of the at the Calgary Foundation

Peterborough K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation

R. Howard Webster Foundation 

Saint Helen’s Anglican Church Women

School Sisters of Notre Dame

Scott Island Foundation

Sisters of Charity of St. Louis of Calgary

Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame

Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul

Sisters of Saint Martha of Antigonish

Sisters of St. Joseph of London

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Vallier

TELUS Community Engagement

Tikvah Grassroots Empowerment Fund

TriErcon Foundation

Trinity Jubilee Foundation

UNIFOR Social Justice Fund

Ursuline Religious of the Diocese of London