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2014 Solidarity Tour travellers
2014 Solidarity Tour travellers: Inter Pares supporters in GuatemalaCredit: Bill Fairbairn

Inter Pares is launching our next Solidarity Tour for February 2016! A group of 14 supporters will be accompanied by staff members Bill Fairbairn and Kathryn Dingle on a trip to Guatemala. Project Counselling Service (PCS), our main counterpart in Guatemala, is enthusiastic about welcoming Inter Pares supporters once again in person.

There are still a few spots available for supporter participants and youth participants! Apply by October 1, 2015!

Building solidarity between countries and communities is an integral part of globalizing equality. For us, this means sharing experiences, building relationships, learning from one another, bearing witness and accompanying others’ struggles, and working for change in one’s own context.

Guatemala’s 36-year internal armed conflict came to an end in 1996 with the signing of peace accords. Yet for much of the population – in particular the country’s Indigenous peoples who experienced gross and systematic human rights violations – real peace with justice remains elusive.

For over 30 years, Inter Pares has been working in solidarity with people and organizations in Guatemala. We continue to do so today. Our Solidarity Tour participants will join Inter Pares in meeting with counterparts, learning from their struggles, and engaging through personal connection with people who, in the midst of challenges, are building more hopeful futures.

Who can travel on the Solidarity Tour?

All Inter Pares supporters are welcome to apply to participate. Spots are  limited, which is why there is a short application process. Two subsidized places are being reserved for youth participants. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate anyone under the age of 18. Please visit the Solidarity Tour page for more information.

What happens on the Tour?

The tour will last 9 days, including pre-departure orientation and travel. In Guatemala, tour participants will travel together around the country in a small bus. Travellers will meet with Inter Pares’ many counterparts: NGOs, small community development organizations, advocacy groups, and Indigenous leaders. Time will be spent in Guatemala City, as well as in the rural countryside and mountains. Throughout the trip, there will also be visits to historical and cultural sites and local markets.

Johanna, one of the participants from the 2014 Tour, shared this reflection: “We have been particularly moved by the courage and resilience of women of Mayan communities who have shared their stories with us, and inspired by the women and men who are supporting them in their efforts to assert their rights and dignity. For my part, the meetings and discussion have reminded me that I can and should take action to address social injustices on my own doorstep.”

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  • Patricia C.
    This is a great initiative. Thank you for organizing it, I will spread the word.