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Des femmes qui inspirent
Every day, we live better and fuller lives because of strong, capable women. Women who raised us to be the people we are now. Women who built and maintain the institutions that we rely upon. Women who have fought for rights that we enjoy. Women who create often-invisible networks of caring and nurture in our communities. 
The same is true everywhere. In every corner of the world, women are strengthening their communities and societies, and transforming them for the better. That’s why we believe that if we want a world based on equality, peace, and justice, we need to stand with women leaders. Will you stand with them too?
Over the next few weeks, Inter Pares will profile three activists, giving you a window into their lives and those of people they have touched. They are powerful leaders – not because they have riches or fame, but because they believe in themselves and in others, and can unite people so they can change their lives together. 
We have committed to raise $50,000 by December 31st to support their extraordinary work, and that of others like them. Will you help our campaign get off to a strong start by giving today?
With a gift to Inter Pares, you are standing with women who inspire by  
• Helping to transform deeply rooted sexism in Bangladesh 
• Promoting women’s right to land and leadership in Guinea-Bissau
• Supporting reproductive healthcare services for Burmese women
Please join us as well by following and sharing our e-mails, videos, and social media messages. 


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