Nelly Marcoux



Nelly was inspired to get involved in support of social justice movements after spending time with Indigenous communities and human rights defenders in Guatemala and in Canada. She has since volunteered and worked in different organizations and solidarity networks in Canada and abroad. She studied international development and law, and has a master’s degree in Indigenous Governance.

Before joining the Latin America team at Inter Pares in the summer of 2018, Nelly had previously worked in Montreal as a legal researcher in a law firm specialized in legal issues affecting Indigenous Peoples; as a community organizer in a local coalition fighting against poverty; and for a band council, in support of community consultations and negotiations with the federal government.

Nelly is most moved by issues affecting the wellness, freedom and self-determination of persons, communities and peoples. She is particularly compelled by the challenges tied to the redistribution of resources and power and the achievement of justice, healing and relationship-building in the context of colonial histories, dispossession and oppression.