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How we work: Empowering Communities

When we speak of development, we refer to the self-development of people and their communities. Development is not a project to be managed, or a problem to be solved with the knowledge and power of others. It is a process in which people act together, make political and economic choices together, and struggle for autonomy and emancipation.



We put equality into practice as the key component for creating a better world.

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We work in solidarity with people from around the world, connecting in a common cause.

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Women's leadership

We support women’s leadership because women, often marginalized, occupy a central and crucial role in societies.

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We foster participation since people and communities need to actively participate in creating solutions to the poverty and injustice that affects their own lives.


Your donations at work

Inter Pares is committed to ensuring clear, transparent and positive contact with our donors. All staff members share a collective responsibility to ensure that your donations are used well.

In 2022, Inter Pares' total expenses amounted to $7,850,558. About 68% of Inter Pares’ total expenses were funds sent to social justice counterparts working in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Canada.

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68% program projects:
Funds sent to counterparts working in Africa, Asia, Canada and Latin America
22% program operations:
Monitoring programs, management, program staff salaries
7% Fundraising:
Receipting, online donation systems, printing costs, bank charges, donor stewardship, fundraising staff salaries
3% administration:
Office costs, governance, financial management, finance staff salaries