Get Involved


People coming together and discussion international solidarity issues at our 40th anniversary
Credit: Susanne Ure

Inter Pares’ network of supporters is made up of thousands of people like you who contribute to social justice and work to globalize equality. Our supporters practice solidarity, and stand up with us for a fairer world.

Here are some of the ways to get involved:

Be an Inter Pares donor
Social change is brought about by ordinary people all around the world. Making a financial contribution to Inter Pares is a way for you to act on your conviction that a better future for all is possible. Make a gift to Inter Pares today.

Receive updates from Inter Pares
Be the first to know how social justice activists in Canada and around the world are building peace, advancing justice and globalizing equality. Our monthly e-newsletter brings you food for thought and for action – in your home, in your community and in our world. Where can we send your monthly e-newsletter?


Engage in our campaigns

We want to engage the Canadian public and the Canadian government on various social justice issues. We invite you to take part in campaigns and action alerts. Join our current campaigns.

Hold an Event
Inter Pares supporters across Canada often organize gatherings of donors and potential supporters. We are grateful for the past and future support of our donors who host and co-organize these events. Types of events to consider:

  • a gathering that is an opportunity to meet with Inter Pares staff, board members or counterparts;
  • a presentation to hear about Inter Pares’ work;
  • a film screening related to Inter Pares programs. Learn more about film screening ideas from Inter Pares;
  • a celebration of a life event, with an option to donate to Inter Pares as a gift alternative;
  • a benefit concert, workshop, or other activity for which the proceeds (e.g, price of admission) are donated to Inter Pares.

Come to an event
In collaboration with our Canadian and international counterparts, Inter Pares frequently organizes and promotes public events in Ottawa and across Canada focused on social justice issues. Find out about upcoming events, and join us for our Annual Speakers Series event in Ottawa each year in April.

Become a social media champion
Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media?  Help Inter Pares connect to new people and reach a broader audience.  We invite you to become an Inter Pares social media champion!

Volunteer for Inter Pares
Volunteering for Inter Pares is a great way to contribute to our social justice work, and to help build a better world. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.