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Bharat Bishwakarma

Phone: 613-563-4801 ext. 138

Bharat is Inter Pares Financial Director since 2013.

    Ashley Armstrong

    Phone: 613-563-4801, ext.146

    Ashley is Communications Co-Director at Inter Pares and the English media contact.

    On parental leave until January 2023.

      David Bruer

      Phone: 613-563-4801, ext. 145

      David’s work at Inter Pares focuses on food sovereignty and economic justice issues in Asia.

      Sofia Descalzi

      Phone: 613-563-4801 ext. 137

      Sofia is a member of the fundraising team at Inter Pares.

        Mariétou Diallo

        Phone: 613-563-4801, ext. 148

        Mariétou is Inter Pares' Communications Co-Director and the French-language media contact.

          Rasha Hilal Al-Baiyatti

          Phone: 613-563-4801, ext. 133

          Rasha is a co-manager at Inter Pares focusing on office and finance management.

          Lorraine Hudson

          Phone: 613-563-4801, ext.144

          Lorraine is a member of the fundraising team at Inter Pares.

            Rita Morbia

            Phone: 613-563-4801 ext. 143

            Rita works on issues related to women’s rights, feminist movement-building, and health, including sexual and reproductive rights, in Canada, Africa and Asia.

            Marie José Morrissette

            Phone: 613-563-4801

            Marie José supports our donor relations and fundraising program as well as its general administration.

              Laura O’Neill

              Phone: 613-563-4801

              Laura has supported our fundraising work for over 25 years on a part-time basis.

                Jean Symes

                Phone: 613-563-4801 ext. 139

                Jean Symes is responsible for Inter Pares’ pan-Africa program and its thematic work on economic justice, with a focus on extractive industries and fair taxation.