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Welcome to Stories of Hope!

Over the next five weeks we’ll share amazing stories of hope brought to life through the words of inspiring people: Razia, Lina, Mariam, Omar and A

W7: Feminist Visions for the G7

This event will bring together around 70 diverse feminist leaders from Canada and around the world to envision a feminist agenda for the G7.

Stories of Struggle

We reached our goal! 1,697 donors made a gift during our Stories of Struggle campaign, which contributed $336,016 to Inter Pares' work. Thank you!

Adriana and Marcela's Story of Struggle

"We know only too well that the struggle to change perceptions and customs is a long process. Marriage is a symbol but the real struggle is to achieve equality."

Najwa's Story of Struggle

"Every young woman should have the chance to choose her own future and to build her own dreams."

Narsamma's Story of Struggle

"Community radio like ours revives forgotten and lost traditional practices, Indigenous knowledge systems and cultures. I feel responsible for keeping them alive."