About us


Inter Pares Jean Symes in Kenya.
Among equals: Inter Pares support people that create change, starting from their own communities.Credit: Jack Hui Litster

Inter Pares - which means among equals – believes in solidarity, not charity, as an approach to international cooperation. For over 40 years, we have worked closely with courageous activists and more than a hundred inspiring organizations throughout the world to build peace, advance justice and globalize equality.

Our programs largely focus on six global issues: food sovereignty, women's equality, peace and democracy, economic justice, health, and migration.

We work with long-term counterparts – local and national activist organizations – in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Canada.

world map showing where Inter Pares works


Issues Inter Pares addresses

Our mission

We are dedicated to empowering people in Canada and around the world to be at the center of their own development and to assert their own agency. By supporting the work of our counterparts, we help communities confront injustice, implement locally adapted solutions, spark innovative initiatives and occupy the political space that belongs to them.

We are also committed to engaging Canadians in the struggles for justice and equality that people face around the world, and to offer ways to take action.

When you support Inter Pares, you contribute to changing the overall systems that perpetuate inequality, poverty and injustice. Get involved today.

Values & principles

  • We put equality into practice as the key component for creating a better world.
  • We work in solidarity as citizens from around the world connect for a common cause.
  • We support women’s leadership, because women occupy a central and crucial role in societies though they are often marginalized.
  • We foster participation since people and communities need to actively participate in creating solutions to the poverty and injustice that affects them.
  • We promote sustainability to help communities become self-sufficient, and environmentally and financially sound.