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By becoming a monthly donor, you are making a profound commitment to social justice movements around the world, confronting inequality and catalyzing a feminist future.



When you join our Sustaining Donor community by making monthly contributions to Inter Pares, you:

Create consistent impact

By becoming a monthly donor, you sustain transformational change. Sustaining donations provide a predictable stream of funding that enables Inter Pares and our counterparts to implement long-term projects, maintain critical programs and plan for the future.

Amplify your giving

Small contributions can make a lasting difference. When you become a Sustaining Donor, you magnify the impact of your giving. Monthly gifts provide stability to the more than 70 social justice organizations we work with to advance human rights. By pooling resources, Sustaining Donors create a collective force that supports feminist movements tackling the root causes of impoverishment and inequality.

Lead by example

By becoming a Sustaining Donor, you inspire others to do the same. Your commitment to consistent giving sets a powerful example for friends, family and colleagues. When others witness the impact of your monthly contributions, they are more likely to join you in supporting peoples’ struggles in Canada and around the world. By leading the way, you act in solidarity with fierce activists and inspire a ripple effect of generosity.

Inter Pares exists because of supporters like you. We were founded in 1975 by a group of people who believed in a more equitable and just future for all. With your long-term support, we are empowered to work among equals for social justice.




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