Annual Speakers Series


Speakers at Inter Pares 40th anniversary event
 Credit: Susanne Ure

Inter Pares’ Speakers Series are public events held once a year in Ottawa.

Each April, on the occasion of our Annual General Meeting, we invite counterparts and collaborators from Canada and around the world to share their views on social justice, community action, and positive change. It's an evening of discussion and reflection on what people everywhere are doing to create a better world for all of us... among equals.

Join us on April 25th for this year's edition, From the Land: Reconciliation in action in Canada and Colombia!

Learn more about our past Annual Speakers Series:

2015 - The Future of International Solidarity: an open dialogue

2014 - Health and Humanity: The Global Struggle for Universal Healthcare

2013 - Developing Justice: Natural Resources and Fair Economy

2012 - Reflecting Realities: Women’s Rights in Sudan and Canada

2011 - Equality. It is so simple, why is it so hard?