Inter Pares joins network supporting global LGBTI rights

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LGBTI rally in Bogotá's central square Plaza Bolívar. Credit: Colombia Diversa

Inter Pares is pleased to join the Dignity Network, formally incorporated as a national membership-based non-profit in January 2020. The Dignity Network is a group of organizations from across Canada involved in supporting the human rights of LGBTI people globally. It provides a platform to network, share and learn, and to advocate for issues of shared concern in the international struggle to advance human rights related to sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression and sex characteristics.

Inter Pares is committed to gender justice including LGBTI rights. One expression of this is our ongoing work with Colombian counterparts Colombia Diversa and Fondo Lunaria. For the next two years, with support from Global Affairs Canada, we are placing particular emphasis on promoting inclusion and the rights and participation in peacebuilding of LGBTI victims of the armed conflict. LGBTI persons were among the many victims of Colombia’s armed conflict and, in many cases, were specifically targeted by armed groups because of their sexual orientations or gender identities. As the first of its kind to recognize LGBTI rights, the Colombian Peace Agreement offers a historic opportunity to forge a more inclusive and democratic society. Our work with our Colombian counterparts is seizing this opportunity with the long-term goal of contributing to ensure full and equal access to rights by LGBTI persons and communities across the country.

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