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Equality. It’s at the root of everything, really. If everyone was truly treated as equal, we would all be well-fed, healthy, and educated. Nobody would be poor, and everyone would contribute their fair share towards the common good. Nobody would be discriminated against because of their race, gender, religion, or any other aspect of their lives or identity. Everyone would live a life free of violence.
That’s why Inter Pares has one mission – to globalize equality – that we have spent four decades working to turn into reality. Will you join us

Over the coming weeks, we'll profile five activists and organizations, sharing their stories and thoughts, so you can have a glimpse into their successful efforts. They illustrate five forms of equality – economic equality, women’s equality, racial equality, health equality, and food equality.  Inter Pares recognizes that all forms of equality are interconnected, so we work together to address as many as we can. 

Our profiled activists are powerful examples of how Inter Pares counterparts around the world are globalizing equality with us. We have committed to raise $50,000 by December 31st to support their extraordinary work and that of others like them, and the exciting changes that they are making in people’s lives. Will you help our campaign get off to a strong start by giving today? 

With a gift to Inter Pares, you can globalize equality by

  • helping to ensure that Canada receives the taxes it needs to fund services, and that everyone pays their fair share
  • reinforcing Mayan women’s voices and leadership in Guatemala
  • promoting racial justice for the Rohingya people of Burma
  • bringing reproductive health services and empowerment to poor women in the Philippines
  • supporting farmers in West Africa produce nutritious, affordable food through ecological agriculture

…and so much more. Please give today – each gift, large or small, will support people who are transforming their communities and societies to be more equal.

You can also support this campaign by watching and sharing our campaign videos and messages in your networks as they are released.


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  • jodi koberinski
    This work is incredibly important... Instead of buying consumer goods for loved ones this holiday season we encourage everyone with the economic means to do so to instead donate to this campaign instead!