Shining a Light: Inter Pares’ thirty-five years of social justice action

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Shining a Light: Inter Pares’ thirty-five years of social justice action

Inter Pares has been forming relationships for social justice action for thirty-five years, linking people who insist that our futures can be better.

Making rights real

Nijera Kori stands out amongst the 22,000 NGOs in Bangladesh. Since 1980, Inter Pares has supported their work with the poorest of the poor to build organizations that help them claim their rights as citizens. It’s a process of “making rights real”, as Nijera Kori puts it.

Leaders in their own right

In April 2010, staff member Rachel Gouin travelled to Khartoum, Sudan, and heard about women’s participation in the country’s elections. In 2006, Amanda Dale, now an Inter Pares Board member, was part of an international exchange with Sudanese women's organizations to begin strategizing for elections. Rachel and Amanda discuss their experiences.

Fifteen years of friendship: Cam and Joy McMann

As they moved into their respective careers, Cam and Joy committed to making regular annual contributions to non-governmental organizations. They chose organizations like Inter Pares that seek enduring solutions, that keep administration costs low and that address the political and economic realities hampering democratic processes in Canada and abroad. Since the mid-1990s Cam and Joy have supported Inter Pares’ work on an annual basis.

Make dinner or be dinner

The People's Food Policy Project is all about making dinner. The origins of the PFPP are in the People's Food Commission of the 1970s. This grassroots commission travelled to 75 communities across Canada, documenting stories about how people were affected by the food system.

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