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Excerpt from the Executive Summary: 
It is now widely recognized that investing in women and girls is inherently valuable and desirable, and leads to the well-being of families and the broader community. Further, we are learning that women’s rights organizations help generate the kinds of changes associated with empowerment — growth in self-confidence,
acquisition of new capabilities and consciousness about gender injustice, and capacity to act collectively to demand rights.
Despite this growing awareness, much work is needed to translate understanding into financial support that promotes and sustains the empowerment and human rights of women and girls. It can be even more difficult for women’s organizations in other parts of the world to access local or international funds.
In Canada, in January 2013, the Women’s Policy Group co-chaired by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), The MATCH International Women’s Fund, and Oxfam Canada sponsored a one-day session on Women’s Rights, Canadian Policy, and Global Engagement in which 21 civil society organizations (CSOs) took part. Participants agreed more systematic understanding of Canadian support for international women’s rights was needed to build a foundation for increased fundraising and strengthened programming.
To respond to this concern Karen Takacs of Crossroads International convened a Working Group made up of CCIC, The MATCH International Women’s Fund, Oxfam Canada, and Inter Pares that oversaw and funded this study.
This study explores:
  • The kinds of programming carried out by CSOs in support of girls and women,
  • The trends in international granting of Canadian foundations, and
  • The funding trend for gender equality programs by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
In so doing, it provides a base of information from which to raise questions and promote further conversations, research, strategies, and actions, to strengthen Canadian initiatives in support of global women’s rights over the next decade and to increase giving in Canada.
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