Women's Rights in El Salvador During COVID-19: A webinar featuring La Colectiva Feminista

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COVID-19 has led to an increase in gender-based violence in El Salvador. The government’s repressive response to control the spread of the virus – including mandated lockdowns and an increase in militarization – has lacked measures to protect women, girls and the LGBTI community. Many women are living in isolation, without easy access to support, and are at greater risk of violence.

La Colectiva Feminista, an Inter Pares counterpart, is raising the alarm about women’s rights in El Salvador. They are documenting the experiences of women during the pandemic, making clear that without appropriate supports and timely responses from the government – inequalities and injustices worsen. Together with other civil society organizations and organized women, La Colectiva Feminista is finding creative ways to ensure women are supported.

In Women’s Rights in El Salvador during COVID-19, a webinar with La Colectiva Feminista, learn more about how this feminist collective is promoting women’s rights in these challenging times.