Stories of Solidarity: Justice for Survivors in Peru

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During Peru’s civil war from 1980 to 2000, over 200,000 women were forcibly sterilized. This was part of a government policy that targeted mostly rural Indigenous women. Disturbingly, over the past few years, Indigenous women in Canada have been speaking out about similar crimes and recently a class action lawsuit was launched alleging the coerced sterilization of Indigenous women in Canada, most recently in 2018. 

Inter Pares has been helping to connect activists working for justice on this issue in Peru and in Canada. Through international solidarity like this, activists can learn from one another and strengthen struggles across borders.

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Through Inter Pares, you support two inspiring groups in Peru: DEMUS and SISAY. They have been part of a grassroots campaign aimed at raising awareness about this crime and seeking justice for survivors.

In Stories of Solidarity: Justice for Survivors in Peru, María Ysabel Cedano, Director of DEMUS, shares how women are coming together in Peru to demand justice for survivors of forced sterilizations.

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