2012 Speakers Series - Reflecting realities: Women’s rights in Sudan and Canada


Amanda Dale et Asha El-Karib

On April, 2012, Asha El-Karib and Amanda Dale discussed the inspiration and the challenges of promoting peace and women's rights amidst violence and fundamentalism.

In Sudan, discrimination towards women is enshrined in law and the constitution; in Canada, there have been several recent challenges to Muslim women’s full legal rights and treatment by the state. In both countries, women are courageously tackling these inequalities. In these very different contexts, what are the shared challenges facing women in exercising their equal rights and citizenship? What can we learn from each other’s struggles?

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About the speakers

Asha El-Karib, one of Sudan's leading feminists, is the Director of the Sudanese Organization for Research and Development (SORD), based in Khartoum, Sudan, and co-founded the Gender Centre for Research and Training. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in gender equality, human rights, and women's political participation in Sudan. Asha has collaborated with Inter Pares for over a decade.

Amanda Dale is the Executive Director of the Barbra Schlifer Clinic in Toronto, which offers legal representation and professional counseling to 4000 women each year who have experienced violence. She has worked with women's groups across Canada as well as in Sudan and Ghana, and is on the Board of Directors of Inter Pares.

This conference was hosted by Inter Pares as part of its Annual Speaker Series, an annual meeting where we convene activists from around the world and from here in Canada to share their views on the different issues Inter Pares addresses.