Comité de Familiares de Migrantes Fallecidos y Desaparecidos (COFAMIDE)



COFAMIDE, the Committee of Families of Deceased and Disappeared Migrants of El Salvador, started out as a group of families of missing migrants, who came together to provide each other emotional and logistical support in the search for missing loved ones.

Today, COFAMIDE continues to provide on-going emotional support to families, as well as logistical support with legal and police investigations and repatriation of bodies. They do education on the risks of undocumented migration in schools, universities, and with communities on the Salvadoran Guatemalan border.

COFAMIDE also engages in advocacy with the Salvadoran government to get support for families of disappeared migrants and to pursue policy and legislative changes that will contribute to the safety and dignity of migrants and their families.