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Inter Pares would like to keep you informed about how your donations are promoting justice, challenging inequalities, and defending the dignity of people in Canada and abroad.

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Our e-newsletters include updates from our publications, invitations to special events, videos and photos, and thoughtful articles of interest.
From time to time, Inter Pares hosts events and public conversations across the country on current social justice issues.
A small monthly gift goes a long way at Inter Pares. It sustains a global movement for social justice, has low administration costs, and provides stable and dependable support for our counterparts.
Every year, we mail to potential donors who support other organizations, asking them if they would consider supporting Inter Pares. Our ability to offer names to other organizations in return is central to this program. We never rent or sell our list of donors' names, and we exclude the names of all donors who have requested that we not exchange their name. The charities with whom we exchange lists will see and retain the names only of people who respond to that charity's mailing, and are never automatically added to a mailing list.