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Did you know that the North American origins of Mother's Day are in the celebration of mothers' contributions to society, not just to the family?

Mother's Day was born from the dream of a devoted activist and mother who first organized women into public health brigades, and then founded "Mothers Friendship Day" to reconcile communities torn apart by the U.S. Civil War. It was later marked as a day for peace, where women were implored to not send their sons to war with each other.

Learn more by watching the short "Feminist Heritage Minute" her-story video that we produced in 2008 for our Mother's Day campaign, "Take Back the Day."

Who would you like to honour this Mother's Day for the change they've made in your life? Give a gift to Inter Pares and send them an e-card this Sunday. 

Reclaim the original meaning of Mother's Day by supporting women around the world working for positive change for their families, their communities, and their societies. You can also learn more about the day's origins in this 2013 Herizons article.


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  • David Berman
    I never get tired of this refreshing take on Mother's Day!