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In many parts of the world, March 8 is a major day to denounce discrimination, inequality and violence against all women. It is also a day that celebrates women’s undeniable contribution to society.

For almost two years now, the pandemic, climate change and economic crises have undermined the health and safety of many women around the world. The struggle for women's rights remains a collective endeavour we must all work on.

This year, we want to share with you the rallying words of our counterpart organizations around the world. Each counterpart brings a unique perspective to the fight for women’s equality. From the struggle for trans women’s rights in Colombia to women farmers’ rights in Guinea-Bissau, women are highlighting the need to act in solidarity. Together with our counterparts, we share the common struggle for an equitable future for all, regardless of gender.

Solidarity, a concept dear to Inter Pares, is at the heart of our relationship with our counterparts. Still too often in the background, these proud, fighting women are sharing their wishes, struggles and successes with you today.

Happy International Women's Day! 

Our counterparts share their rallying cries for International Women's Day 2022 here: 

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