New video highlights impact of pandemic on SRHR

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The Future Planning Initiative (of which Inter Pares is a member) has released a video highlighting how the redirection of resources to the COVID-19 response has left many people without the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services they need.

In the video, SRH service providers from around the world – including Inter Pares counterparts Likhaan in the Philippines, La Colectiva Feminista in El Salvador, and the Sudanese Organization for Research and Development in Sudan – detail how governments deprioritized SRH in pandemic responses by diverting much-needed resources and attention from services. As a result, health systems that were struggling to provid SRH before the pandemic have been further weakened, putting women and girls at increased risk of unsafe abortion, unintended pregnancies, maternal mortality and more.

In the face of these increased challenges, SRH service providers share how they have pivoted their work to continue reaching communities, and provide guidance for the international community, including Canada, to support these ongoing and new initiatives.

Watch the video here:

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