Our 2014 Annual Report is out!

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Annual Report Cover Image
Credit: Anna Paskal
We are thrilled to share with you our 40th anniversary Annual Report. This special edition provides forty highlights from our history, from 1975 to today. They illustrate the wide range of actions we took hand in hand with our counterparts in Canada and around the world, and illustrate the role we play to globalize equality.
We hope the online version of this year's Annual Report will delight you. We've dug into our archives and compiled in an interactive format some of our incredible old photos, videos, bulletin editions, and more.
You can view photo galleries, follow links to learn more about our history and impact, find a snapshot of our spending, and watch a short video on our approach and more.
Did we miss your favourite Inter Pares story or initiative? Let us know! 


Anniversaries celebrate duration. They are about reflecting on what has been learned and what has been accomplished. As much as anniversaries are about the foundations laid by past action, they are also about looking forward with renewed commitment.

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