Remembering Ibrahim Ouedraogo

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Ibrahim Ouedraogo during a visit to Canada in 2008.

Inter Pares mourns the death of Ibrahim Ouedraogo, a giant of agroecology and the struggle for food sovereignty in Africa. An expert in sustainable agricultural systems and rural development, Ibrahim worked with several large organizations including as Secretary General of Inades-Formation International, co-founder of long-term Inter Pares counterpart the Coalition for the Protection of African Genetic Heritage (COPAGEN) and member of several boards of directors including ACORD, and ENDA Pronat in Senegal. Ibrahim also helped set up the Senegalese Land Reflection and Action Committee (CRAFS), a platform that helped curb the phenomenon of land grabbing in Senegal.

Originally from Burkina Faso, Ibrahim constantly praised the work and knowledge of peasant agricultural systems – systems designed to adapt to the climate, to produce and feed communities while preserving soils and health and biodiversity. His experience led him to stand up against the powerful agribusiness lobby and their efforts to introduce polluting and disempowering forms of agriculture to Africa.

Ibrahim dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge and putting it to the service of the common good. For those who knew him well, we will remember a formidable activist, but also someone who brought people together. A friend who liked to laugh, a person who shared all he knew with patience and humility. A guiding light has gone, but his memory and teachings live on and inspire to continue the struggle for food sovereignty.

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