Renewing hope for social justice

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Credit: Courtesy of Esperanza Moreno

It has been three years since the beginning of the pandemic. As we reflect on Inter Pares’ work in 2022, we are reminded that the pandemic was – and is still – an extremely trying global experience. Profound lessons surfaced that gave us all cause to rethink our common future. Amidst it all, we continued to work for change.

But transformation takes time. The structures and systems that produce and perpetuate the impoverishment of people, communities and countries are well entrenched and difficult to shake. They continue to benefit the wealthiest individuals and corporations who enjoy unparalleled power. Since 2020, the rich have gotten richer while the rest of the world has been hit harder. This trend is happening in Canada, too.

And yet, our hopes for greater equity, peace and climate justice are as alive as ever.

In 2022, in the face of persistent inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic, Inter Pares’ counterparts and allies in Canada and around the world continued to work with conviction, creativity and courage to develop alternative systems rooted in justice and equality. The courage and determination of Inter Pares’ counterparts continues to inspire us – staff and Board alike.

In keeping with our commitment to support organizations working on both immediate and long-term needs, Inter Pares collaborated on powerful initiatives to support publicly funded healthcare, foster sustainable agriculture and climate adaptation, and promote Indigenous-led humanitarian responses and land preservation.

We are grateful to our community of supporters and donors who, despite economic uncertainty, are deeply committed to transformative social justice.

We are honoured and privileged to be a part of these shared struggles of hope.

Esperanza Moreno
Vice Chairperson, Inter Pares Board of Directors

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