W7: Feminist Visions for the G7

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From April 24 to 27, 2018, the “W7: Feminist Visions for the G7” brought together over 60 feminist leaders from Canada, the G7 countries, and the Global South, in Ottawa. The W7 aims to create a space to advance movement building among feminist activists in all their diversity.

This year’s W7 seeks to create a forum where feminist leaders, from Canada and around the world, come together to strategize, identify common priorities, access and influence decision-making spaces, and share their visions for a more feminist G7 - one that addresses structural inequalities, transforms power relations, and recognizes gender equality as a key priority to tackling today’s global challenges. 

A key way to ensure that feminist voices influence the discussions and outcomes is through the W7. To date, grassroots and feminist voices from diverse backgrounds have largely been absent from the W7, while discussions have focused narrowly on women’s economic empowerment or entrepreneurship.

Inter Pares is proud to be part of this unique opportunity to push for substantial progress on women’s rights and gender equality. We were delighted to welcome two of our international feminist colleagues to this event: Augusta Henriques, cofounder of Tiniguena in Guinea-Bissau and Luz Piedad Caicedo, Deputy Director of Humanas in Colombia. Our board member and Executive Director of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Amanda Dale participated as well as Coral Sproule, President of the National Farmers Union, another Inter Pares counterpart. The Canadian Council of Muslim Women – winners of Inter Pares’ 2017 Peter Gillespie Social Justice Award was also represented. 


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