Different Continents, Same Struggles

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Different continents, same struggles

For India, West Africa, and the world, millet farmers like Chendramma Bidakanne represent an alternative to agriculture controlled by corporate interests. They are recreating the biodiverse agriculture that feeds both land and people, that is already adapted to whatever climate change will bring and that keeps agriculture in the hands of farmers.

Asha El-Karib and Amanda Dale: An ongoing conversation

“Family law is the area of law that is the most difficult to improve because it is where culture is being passed on – not to say that culture is embedded in those violations, but culture is often being used to justify violence.”

Linking activists around the world

In 2007, Inter Pares invited counterparts from Burma, Sudan, Burundi, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru to discuss sexual violence in armed conflict.

Investing in a different kind of future

When Inter Pares spoke with Carla about her decision to leave a legacy gift, the idea of wanting to make a contribution to a more equitable global community seemed to be at the forefront of her mind.

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