Mobilizing Youth Against Violence in Bangladesh: A webinar featuring Nijera Kori

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Gender-based violence in Bangladesh is pervasive, transcending class, religion and age. Religious fundamentalism has exacerbated the assertion that women must not leave home, girls should marry young, and gender-based violence should be tolerated. Alarmingly, violence starts at a young age and girls frequently experience sexual harassment in schools.

In response, Nijera Kori, Inter Pares’ long-term counterpart, is mobilizing youth to challenge gender norms and patriarchal practices. In Mobilizing Youth Against Violence in Bangladesh, Khushi Kabir, renowned Bangladeshi feminist and founder of Nijera Kori takes a closer look at sexual and gender-based violence in Bangladesh, and shares how youth are organizing to secure a more just future for themselves, and their communities.

Inter Pares acknowledges Global Affairs Canada for their financial support for the Building Momentum for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights program.