People Over Profit

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People Over Profit explores corporate power – and community resistance. It shares stories of people standing up and speaking out to reclaim their land, to protect their health, to have a say in decisions that affect their lives and communities. These courageous activists, from Canada to Burma to Burkina Faso, speak truth to corporate power and demand that governments act in public – not private – interest.

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Challenging, Confronting and Defying Corporate Power

Along with so many others in Canada these days, we at Inter Pares are reflecting upon the seemingly ubiquitous and far-reaching nature of corporate power. Confronting corporate harm is central to our economic justice programming. Where public interest collides with corporate interests, we believe the government has a role to play as a responsible counterweight. We ask whose voices are heard, and in whose interests decisions are made.

Land is Life

Land – and its control, management, and ownership – has been at the epicenter of decades-long conflict between the Burma Army and ethnic armed organizations. Our counterparts in Burma courageously unite around the guiding principle that ‘land is life’.

Stopping the unstoppable: Citizen resistance to exterminator technology in Burkina Faso

Pressure from corporations and the military to allow the release of gene drive technologies in the environment is tremendous – but equally powerful is strategic collaboration among citizens working in solidarity to ensure research is carried out in the public interest.

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