The World Through a Feminist Lens

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Feminism Sans Frontières

In this article, Rita Morbia explores the international nature of feminism today. In sharing the activist roots of three colleagues, Asha El-Karib, Maria Ysabel Cedano, and Dr. Junice Melgar, she illustrates the worldwide nature of feminism. These women leaders had different paths that all led them to become engaged in their communities, and Inter Pares is accompanying them in their efforts while respecting the specific nature of their contexts and struggles.

Learn more about these women who may live far from one another, but who are joined in their shared feminist ideals. 

Taking a Feminist Approach

A feminist approach is nothing new - it's a concept that has much evolved and has proven time and again its transformational power. Rebecca Wolsak shares more about how what this approach looks like for Inter Pares, which we have been using in our relationships with counterpart organizations for over forty years.

Learn more about our approach and watch a video clip screened at a 2016 International Women's Day celebration in Ottawa.


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