Stories of Solidarity: Women Uprising in Sudan

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This time last year, women in Sudan embarked upon the momentous uprising that would soon make history. After three decades under a brutal dictatorship, millions of citizens united to demand an end to oppression

Sudan is now a country transformed: a country free from dictatorship with hope for a peaceful transition to democracy. In this time of change, the people of Sudan need persistence, courage, and international solidarity. We invite you to make a gift to Inter Pares to sustain the next phase of their struggle. 

Inter Pares has had the honour of supporting women activists in Sudan since 2007 in their struggle for freedom from violence and equal participation in society. Despite extreme repression and discrimination, women played pivotal roles in Sudan’s revolution as highly visible protesters, leaders, and mobilizers.

In Stories of Solidarity: Women Uprising in Sudan hear from Dr. Asha El-Karib on how Sudanese women catalyzed ground-breaking political change.

In the wake of Sudan’s revolution, women continue to strive for more than democracy; they want equality. Will you make a gift in solidarity?

We stand in solidarity with the women of Sudan. Their fight is our fight and every victory they achieve is a victory for women around the world in our shared struggle for autonomy, equality, and justice. 

Join us in supporting Sudan’s courageous women leaders by donating to Inter Pares today.

Women in Sudan continue to uprise. Let us rise up with them.

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