Door-to-Door Fundraising


Canvass team
Shaine Macleod (left) and Harry Pilfold (right), of our canvass team, stand with Inter Pares staff Kathryn Dingle and Mariétou Diallo Credit: Guillaume Charbonneau

Knock, knock… It’s Inter Pares. Inter Pares has begun a door-to-door fundraising program in Toronto!

We work with a great team led by long-time canvassers and social justice activists Harry Pilfold and Shaine MacLeod. All canvassers are paid for their time and have received training about our programs, values, and fundraising. They are knocking on doors to tell the public about Inter Pares and to invite people to support our work through a one-time gift or monthly gifts.

Inter Pares believes that this is a great way to reach new public that share our values and want to contribute to globalizing equality.

If you have concerns about this program or wish to share something about your experience with a canvasser, please get in touch with Sofia Descalzi, Inter Pares’ Donor Relations Manager by phone 1-866-563-4801 or by email

If you’ve met one of our door-to-door canvassers in your neighbourhood and would like to make a donation to Inter Pares, please visit our donation pages.