Inter Pares Film Nights - spotlight on landgrabs (in French)

event : Film screening


On March 13th, come and join us for our second edition of Inter Pares Film Nights.

This month, we showcase Fièvre verte, a documentary that shines a light on a phenomenon of massive land acquisition by foreign corporate interest in West Africa. This film gives voices to communities, especially women, who have to live with the disastrous consequences of landgrabs in Côte d'Ivoire, and Guinea-Bissau.

Invited to Canada by Inter Pares, Francis Ngang (COPAGEN), Eric Chaurette (Inter Pares) and researchers from the Université de Montréal will provide remarks following the film screening and respond to your questions. 

Fièvre verte is based on a wider research that documents and measures the scale and nature of landgrabs in nine West African countries. Inter Pares has been working on this research since 2012 in collaboration with the REDTAC research group and the COPAGEN, with financial support by the International Development Research Centre.

This movie will be presented in French only.

Seating is limited. RSVP is required.

RSVP now.

P.S. There will be popcorn!