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Canadians' access to health care varies tremendously depending on where they live and their ability to pay. Canada is also the only country with public health care and no national drug plan: 24% of Canadians have no coverage for medications prescribed by their doctor.

The current federal government plans to cut $36 billion from health care funding. Without a national vision and plan for funding, we are at risk of losing the security and quality of life that Canadians deserve.  We also need a national drug plan that takes care of everyone, and a national seniors' care strategy.

The Canadian Health Coalition (CHC), of which Inter Pares is a member, is urging Canadians to use their vote to defend "Healthcare for All." They have been mobilizing Canadians on social media and distributing educational tools. Take action to ensure that Canada elects a federal government that will protect and expand public health care - learn more, ask candidates questions, and sign up for activities. You can also follow the campaign on CHC's Facebook page.  

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