Inter Pares Announces Its Two New Co-Executive Directors

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Kathryn Dingle and Rita Morbia Credit: Sandra Gasana

Inter Pares is pleased to announce the Board of Directors has appointed Rita Morbia and Kathryn Dingle as Co-Executive Directors of the organization. This change was recommended by the staff management team.

As a feminist organization, Inter Pares has a horizontal co-management structure where all staff earn the same base salary and major decisions are made by consensus. As part of this model, Inter Pares selects its Executive Directors from among current staff, rather than recruiting newcomers into leadership roles.

Rita has been with Inter Pares since 2001, serving in the capacity of Executive Director since 2009. Kathryn has been a Fundraising Manager since joining the organization in 2010. In recent years, they have collaborated closely on institutional issues, including governance, finances, and organizational development.

As Co-Executive Directors, Kathryn and Rita will share responsibilities to liaise with the Board of Directors, act as official representatives of the institution, and provide leadership and oversight in management and policy work. At the same time, Rita will continue her programming responsibilities with counterparts in Canada, Asia, and Africa, and Kathryn will continue to co-manage Inter Pares’ fundraising program.

 “Kathryn’s leadership characteristics and skills are evident to everyone who works with her and we look forward to her assuming this role,” said Sari Tudiver, Chair of Inter Pares’ Board of Directors. “Furthermore, a team approach is an opportunity for Rita to expand her programming responsibilities, particularly in the area of global women’s rights.”

Kathryn and Rita are excited to take on new challenges as Co-Executive Directors, as well as working with colleagues, coalition partners, counterparts, and donors to continue our mission of globalizing equality.

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  • Prasant Mohanty...
    I warmly welcome Kathryn and Rita as appointment as Co-Executive Directors