Sowing food sovereignty, cultivating relationships

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The relationship between Inter Pares and the National Farmers Union goes back four decades. 

Like counterparts we support in India and West Africa, the NFU works toward food sovereignty – the right to healthy, culturally appropriate and sustainably produced food. Food sovereignty means more than ensuring everyone has enough food to survive. It means the people eating and growing that food have the right to choose how it gets to their plates. 

By supporting the NFU’s International Program Committee (IPC), Inter Pares helps farmers in Canada push for better climate policy, support migrant farm workers and build relationships between settler farmers and Indigenous communities.

In 2022, IPC members worked with the Relational Accountability for Indigenous Rematriation Collective to host a meeting with settlers, Indigenous people, landowners and land-seeking people who want to work together toward land sharing and decolonization. 

We’re honoured to support the IPC as it continues to facilitate knowledge sharing among Indigenous and non-Indigenous farmers to deepen relationships and make the NFU a welcoming space for Indigenous people. 

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