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The Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), of which Inter Pares is a member, is calling for greater leadership from Canada in tackling global issues in 2015, and specific action on inequality, climate change and women's rights. Canada can and must provide stronger leadership toward a more sustainable and peaceful world.

All candidates need to know that the next federal government must and can do better to address these issues at home and abroad. The campaign so far has reached hundreds of thousands of people, as CCIC member organizations across the country have been engaging their supporters through online actions, workshops, webinars, and letter-writing to candidates. The campaign has also questioned party leaders on their stances on climate change, women's rights, poverty and inequality, and called on the Munk Debate on Foreign Affairs to tackle these issues.

Get involved - learn more about these issues, ask questions at debates, challenge your local candidates. This election toolkit can help you send the message to all political parties that Canadians care about climate change, women's rights, and ending poverty and global inequality. You can also join the lively Twitter conversation at #DoBetter2015.


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