Why celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th?

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A consultation at Likhaan's clinic in Vitas, Manila.
A consultation at Likhaan's clinic in Vitas, Manila. Credit: Jack Hui Litster

Women’s rights certainly improved over the course of the 20th century, and some inequalities seem less apparent today. But at the same time…

Our experience with our counterparts around the world tells us that patriarchy is still deeply entrenched, dividing communities and harming society. This is why we continue to mark March 8th.  

Just like years past, Inter Pares is marking and celebrating International Women’s Day in the company of women and feminists from around the world. This year, we are highlighting the work of our amazing counterpart Likhaan Women’s Centre for Health in the Philippines.

Every day, Likhaan…

  • Encourages and supports thousands of poor and marginalized women to make their own decisions about their future;
  • Delivers healthcare, including family planning, pre- and post-natal care, and safe birthing information to women and adolescents by running clinics in several poor areas of Manila and in the rural countryside of Eastern Samar;
  • Strengthens community outreach by training health workers, who are usually women from local communities; and
  • Advocates to the government to implement the laws that would make free family planning, comprehensive sexual health education, and emergency obstetric care accessible to all Filipinos.

Here are are some ideas for how you can celebrate and support women’s rights this week, or next:

We hope you’ll be marking and celebrating March 8th as well. Happy International Women’s Day! 


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