Women's Health & Women's Rights

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Controlling Their Own Bodies, Controlling Their Own Lives

Women and girls are able to have better control over their bodies and their lives with the establishment of four reproductive health clinics in the Philippines that promote sexual and reproductive health for all. 

From Midwifery to National Healthcare, Step by Step

Two of our counterparts in Burma are filling the gaps women face in maternal and neo-natal care, while working toward decentralized health care in a holistic approach based on public health services.

Forced Sterilizations in Peru: Never again

During the late 1990s in Peru, hundreds of thousands of indigenous and poor women and men were forcibly sterilized – and an unknown number maimed or killed – under the pretext of the “war on poverty”. Now, Inter Pares is working with Peruvian women’s organizations, the women and their families, to ensure that such a program never happens again.





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