Cooperation Canada


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Cooperation Canada (formerly the Canadian Council for International Cooperation) is an Ottawa-based coalition of almostbout 100 Canadian organizations who seek to change the course of human development in ways that favour social and economic equity, democratic participation, environmental integrity and respect for human rights. Cooperation Canada conducts research, disseminates information and creates learning opportunities for its members, coordinating their collective efforts to shape new models for world development, press for national and international policies that serve the global public interest and build a social movement for global citizenship in Canada. They are an important voice for the diverse international cooperation sector in Canada and are the pre-eminent source for an analysis of Canada’s overseas development assistance. Inter Pares is actively involved in many of Cooperation Canada's geographic and thematic working groups including:

• Africa Canada Forum
The Africa Canada Forum brings together more than 40 NGOs, churches, unions and solidarity groups from across Canada that have a specific interest in development issues and social justice in sub-Saharan Africa.

• Americas Policy Group
The Americas Policy Group is a Canadian civil society policy group focused on development and social justice issues in the Americas. It brings together approximately 40 international development and humanitarian NGOs, human rights groups, labour unions, research institutions, church and solidarity groups.

• Asia Pacific Working Group
The Asia Pacific Working Group is a network of Canadian civil society organizations involved in human rights, democracy and development in the region. It brings together over 20 international development and humanitarian NGOs, human rights groups, labour unions, church and solidarity groups.