Reclaim Mother’s Day

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How can we best honour mothers for all they do? Breakfast-in-bed, flowers, and greeting cards are common Mother’s Day traditions. What if, this year, we take Mother’s Day back to its roots: a celebration of women as changemakers and contributors to society. We think our mothers deserve a little peace… and justice. When you support Inter Pares, you enable our counterparts to do just that.

Colombia Diversa
Two women, Adriana and Marcela, smiling together


Colombia Diversa advocates for LGBTIQ rights in Colombia, including supporting the equal rights of all women to be mothers, regardless of sexual orientation. Their advocacy has been critical in securing adoption rights for same-sex couples in Colombia, as well as legalizing same-sex marriage. Colombia Diversa also provides legal support to same-sex couples, like Adriana and Marcela. Adriana and Marcela came to the organization in 2007 because “we felt that our rights and our family were under threat.” Colombia Diversa then accompanied them through multiple legal battles, until in 2016 — over ten years later — the Constitutional Court in Colombia finally endorsed their marriage, and the right of all same-sex couples to marry.

The Mae Tao Clinic
Doctors at the Mae Tao Clinic with a newborn baby


Located on the border between Thailand and Burma, the Mae Tao Clinic provides a range of health care services to families from Burma in response to ongoing conflict and forced displacement, and in the absence of services from Burma’s authorities. Affectionately known as Dr. Cynthia’s clinic, it is equipped for birth and delivery with well over 2,000 babies delivered each year. With this many births, it is a unique training opportunity for delivery attendants from Burma. The clinic issues delivery certificates for babies that are born at the clinic — a crucial service that helps to address serious complications for stateless children.

Likhaan Center for Women’s Health
A Likhaan community health worker with two mothers and their babies


The Likhaan Center for Women’s Health is a national women's health organization that develops community-based primary health programs in impoverished communities of the Philippines. Local women are trained by Likhaan as community health workers, a critical role that includes community-based outreach to women and youth on a range of sexual and reproductive health issues. Lina Bacalando is one such community health worker who – with Likhaan – has broken the cycle of poverty for her own family and many others. She shares: “I’ve seen that with access to reproductive rights, especially contraception, you can space your children. You can feed your kids and send them to school. I am proud that all three of my children are college graduates.”

This Mother’s Day, honour someone for the change they’ve made in your life.  Make a gift to Inter Pares that supports mothers around the world working for change. Join us in taking back Mother’s Day as a day of solidarity. Together, we can give our mothers the peace and justice they deserve.

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