Solidarity Tours


2014 Tour participants meeting with Maya Ixil women in Guatemala
The faces of solidarity: 2014 Tour participants meeting with Maya Ixil women in Guatemala.Credit: Don Spence

Inter Pares' latest Solidarity Tour took place from February 18 to 27, 2016, in Guatemala. A group of ten supporters travelled there with staff members Bill Fairbairn and Kathryn Dingle.

The objective of our Solidarity Tours is to explore and deepen our solidarity with our counterparts around the world by sharing experiences, building relationships, learning from one another, bearing witness, and working for change in one’s own context.

Here's a reflection from Sari, one of our travellers:

"Despite my history of familiarity with Inter Pares work and issues, the trip provided a unique perspective not easily gained in other ways. Meeting people in their contexts, hearing their stories and how they present the issues they are struggling with deepened my understanding of the dimensions of solidarity and reinforced a commitment to advocate for a more just Canadian presence in Guatemala. It was important for me to witness and experience the dignity and resilience of our counterparts."

Visit the 2016 Solidarity Tour blog to read more and catch up on the tour's adventure.


All Inter Pares supporters are invited to participate in our Solidarity Tours. The cost depends on the duration, destination and trip itinerary. In 2016, the ten-day trip to Guatemala cost $3,500 plus a donation of $1000. Since space is limited (ten to fourteen travellers), there is a simple application process. 

Special opportunity for youth

We reserved two participant places for youth on the 2016 Solidarity Tour. Inter Pares believes that having a diverse group enriches the experience for all participants, and that intergenerational exchange is key to globalizing equality. We recognize that the cost to travel made the Tour inaccessible to many people, but especially to youth. For this reason, there was a reduced fee for our youth participants. After the trip to Guatemala, one of the youth participants reflected, "This trip surpassed all my expectations. My experience and what I have learnt will definitely affect my way of seeing the world, my interests and beliefs, and probably my future as well.”

Future trips

If you would like to participate in a future Solidarity Tour with Inter Pares, let Kathryn know by sending her an email or calling 1-866-563-4801.


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