Borders and the Freedom to Move

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Borders and the Freedom to Move

It is a harsh truth that the more governments try to stem the flow of migrants by securing the borders, the more lucrative a business it becomes for organized crime and the more dangerous migration becomes. Arming the borders does nothing to change the reasons why people choose to move in such a difficult way in the first place – in search of work and a way out of systemic poverty, or fleeing violence, insecurity, and war.

Africa beyond borders

Inter Pares’ counterpart Fahamu  provides research, learning, and platforms for advocacy and communication to strengthen African human rights and social justice movements. Hakima Abbas, its dynamic Executive Director, explains: “To transform conflicts, we need to move away from narrow notions of ethnic identity, and move towards a pan-African understanding in which freedom of movement is a key principle.”

Solidarity Across Borders, Solidarity at Home

Mahatma Gandhi once said that a society can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members. Inter Pares agrees, and believes that all people living in Canada – no matter their legal status – should have access to essential services.

Empowering Migrant Communities

MAP works towards a future where people from Burma have the right to stay and the right to migrate safely, and where the human rights and freedoms of all migrants are fully respected and observed.

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