Connecting Generations for Social Justice

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This Bulletin celebrates generations coming together to keep social movements vibrant and alive—and highlights young activists rebuilding and reshaping our world. In Guinea-Bissau, Colombia, Guatemala and Burma, youth are building on the struggles of their elders, using storytelling to preserve historical memory and prevent injustices, and uniting like never before to decry the status quo. Connecting Generations for Social Justice offers us hope for a more just and equal future.

What's inside...

The Cycle of change

Across the globe, a new generation of activists is engaging to help rebuild and reshape our world, infusing movements for change with fresh energy and ideas. They see the world that exists and know it could be better. For their elders, for themselves, and for those who will come next. Read how young people are building on the struggles and achievements of their elders to advocate for profound social change.

Understanding the past, redefining the present

RUDA was born in 2017 out of a desire for dialogue and collaboration between different generations of Guatemalan feminists. It also grew out of the need to tell the stories of Latinas and Guatemalan women differently so as to allow youth to create their own narratives when describing the environment around them. They use digital media to tell stories of femicides, forced disappearances and criminalization of human rights activists -- centering voices that are not typically heard. Read more about how RUDA and uses intergenerational storytelling to preserve historical memory and promote healing in Guatemala.

“You messed with the wrong generation”

Youth across Burma are decrying a return to military rule. People of diverse backgrounds – ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity – are showing a united front while educating others about their struggles. The emerging leadership in Burma is not only younger but is more gender- and ethnically-diverse. Read how youth in Burma are leading the intergenerational uprising, using creative tactics and social media to garner the world’s attention.

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