Deeper Change in Burma: Working Towards Inclusive Democracy

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Countering Dehumanization and Hate

Since October 2016, the Burmese army has unleashed a new wave of violence against Rohingya Muslim civilians in the northwest of the country. Yet, the government denies any military wrongdoing, and blocks access to displaced Rohingyas by humanitarian agencies and the media.

Return is Never That Simple

Refugees in camps in Thailand are increasingly worried about their futures since many international NGOs are withdrawing their support. The situation in the camps is difficult, while the process of slow democratization in Burma hardly promises a safe return.

A New Vision for Land in Burma

Land is central to many social justice struggles around the world, and it’s no different in Burma. Most of the country’s land is currently controlled by the Burma Army. However, ethnic civil society organizations have a new vision for land use: one that honours customary management systems that enable participatory, grassroots control. 

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