Improving Canada’s Contribution to Women’s Access to Land in Africa

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Security of access to land for African women farmers: What has been achieved? What remains to be done?

How is it some rights are protected and some not, some laws enforced and some not? Women farmers grow 70% of Africa’s food but often have few rights to land. Massive land grabs by elites and foreign corporations across the African continent are throwing women and their families off their land. Given its emphasis on women’s rights and equality, the Canadian government has been asked to consider the role of secure access to land for African women. 

In March 2017, Inter Pares’ Jean Symes was invited by the Coalition for Equitable Land Acquisitions and Development in Africa to join a panel of experts to address these questions. In her speaking notes, she outlines an effective strategy for Canada to support African women farmers’ determined efforts to keep their land and livelihoods. 

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