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A portrait of Sudanese activist Sanaa Makawi against a colourful wall
Crédit: Rita Morbia

Sanaa Makawi has been advocating for women's rights in Sudan since 2010. As a member of SWRC, and while also working for the Institute for Health and Rights in Sudan, Sanaa works to ensure sexual and reproductive health and rights are seen as human rights.

Since the revolution started in Sudan in December 2018, Sanaa has been on the streets, alongside thousands of other women, to peacefully demand democracy, women’s rights, and an end to oppression. Inter Pares had the chance to talk with Sanaa at the 2019 Women Deliver conference in Vancouver about women's rights in Sudan, women’s role in the revolution, and what's next.

Hear from Sanaa, below:

Sanaa Makawi on women's rights in Sudan

Sanaa Makawi on #SudanUprising

Sanaa Makawi on Women Deliver

Based in Khartoum, Sudan, SWRC focuses on issues of women’s rights, peace and democracy through youth and feminist activism. Founded in 2014, SWRC is involved in raising public awareness and building the skills, knowledge and confidence of young people, particularly women, to be able to contribute to social justice movements in Sudan. Inter Pares has had the privilege of collaborating with and financially supporting incredible feminist organizations in Sudan, such as SWRC, for over fifteen years. Inter Pares has also had the privilege of supporting Sanaa in her journey as an activist, through the Salmmah Women's Resource Center, and SWRC.

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