Hope in the Countryside: Abdoulaye’s story

Eight years ago, Abdoulaye Déme left his village in Les Niayes, Senegal, and boarded a pirogue for the Canary Islands.

Defying Dichotomies: People who move

Refugees, migrants, voluntary or forced displacement ... learn more about a reality more complex than it seems.


What is Courage?

The people with whom Inter Pares works demonstrate profound courage, in their patience, persistence,fearlessness and motivation.

Human Rights Defenders: Creating Safe Conditions for Their Work

In Colombia, and many parts of the world, women and men who defend human rights face incredible risks to their physical safety.


Feminism and the Economic System

Feminism is about a transformational change in power dynamics. So it’s essential to examine how wealth is generated and for whose benefit.

Whose Rights? A Feminist Approach to International Investment Agreements

A feminist approach is about analysing power and privilege – how it’s distributed and for whose benefit.


In our June 2018 edition, Samantha McGavin, Asia Program Manager, shares photos and reflections from her then-recent trip in Burma.

Inter Pares has been working with local organizations in Burma and refugee-receiving neighbours since the early 1990s. Our program assists over 40 civil society organizations working on health services, human rights, environment, free media, and refugee relief. A key focus is coalition building for inter-ethnic understanding.



Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of our selves and should never lead to discrimination or abuse. Inter Pares bulletin “Pride in our Work” highlights our support for LGBTQ2 people’s rights, and our work with activists representing a multiplicity of identities and issues.


In this issue, we invite you behind the scenes at Inter Pares.


In this issue, we report on the situation in Burma regarding democracy and human rights.


In this bulletin, we explore our feminist approach, and what it means for activists around the world.


This bulletin celebrates women's leadership and Inter Pares' commitment to feminism and gender equality.


In this issue :

No True Peace Without the Voices of Women

Whether or not they are combatants, women are impacted by armed conflicts. This is why it is crucial to hear their voices and include their active participation in peace processes.

A Model for Peace : Women building peace in Mali